Danny John-Jules birthday video released

hjgyyA few weeks ago I reported on Rebekah’s Danny John-Jules birthday video project. Today, on “Danny John-Jules Day” the finished product has been released.
Watch it here in all it’s glory. Read the rest of this entry »

Robert Llewellyn confirms Red Dwarf All-Mechanoid storyline + Danny John-Jules announces new plans!!

Cast-DVDsThere have been rumours for months, but this week Robert Llewellyn, who plays mechanoid Kryten on the show, confirmed that there will be a special Red Dwarf episode in which all the actors of the show will turn into mechanoids!! Read the rest of this entry »

Red Dwarf Star Danny John Jules releases short movie Bucky

CI6drHoUcAATSjfDanny John-Jules known for his roles in Red Dwarf and Death in Paradise has written., produced and directed a movie. Called “Bucky” it’s a story seen from the eyes of a five-year-old boy, who through no fault of his own comes face to face with disaster. The movie will be shown at the BFM Film Festival. Read the rest of this entry »

Red Dwarf ‘s Danny John-Jules “UKTV were over the moon with Red Dwarf”

CatAll the stars of Red Dwarf have hinted that a new series may be on the cards soon. This week Dannny John-Jules – whom plays Cat in the series, also hinted at a new series coming soon. Read the rest of this entry »

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