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Orlando: How do you deal with the pain of bereavement?

Published 2016/06/21 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

Man Traveler relaxing alone in Mountains Travel LifestyleThe loss of life after the Orlando tragedies is almost impossible to comprehend. As we, the LGBT community feel intuitively connected to those in our community, no matter where we are the attack felt close to home. It felt as if members of our own family were targeted at that club and it will probably be a very long time before we have emotionally recovered from the damage.

If it feels that way for us. Imagine how it must feel for those that knew the victims: their partners, their parents, their friends and family. How will they cope? If someone close to you was among the victims, how will you cope?
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5 steps to finding your LGBT identity

Published 2015/11/11 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

LGBTBeing part of the LGBT family means that it is harder to find a role model to look up to: while there are more LGBT faces in the media then there where five to ten years ago 98% of what we see and hear about is straight people in straight relationships. In our day to day life too: straight is usually the norm. If you come from a deeply religious family finding your true self is even more difficult. Read the rest of this entry →

Book Review: Jessica’s Ghost by Andrew Norriss

Published 2015/10/11 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

4624279527“Why, Francis wondered, should ‘being different’ be so painful? Why did it matter so much when, if you thought about it, everybody was different in one way or another.”

These days we seem to be hearing a lot more about suicide then we did a few years ago. Stories of people committing suicide for many reasons. But also people thinking about suicide and, thankfully, suicide prevention. Is it an epidemic or are we simply more aware thanks to social media? It’s unclear, but one thing that is obvious is that there is always a reason why people decide to end their lives and usually this reason is called depression.

Julian Clary expresses anger at Scottish Catholic Church anti gay marriage stance

Published 2012/10/26 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

New article for Unreality TV

Julian Clary has launched an outspoken attack on the Scottish Catholic Church over their campaign against gay marriage. Read the rest of this entry →

Listen to Stephen Fry documentary “Gay on the Inside”

Published 2012/09/26 by Edmund Bittermann

It’s hard to imagine Stephen Fry banged up in jail but, as he revealed in the first of his autobiographical chronicles, that’s exactly where he ended up at the end of his teens. Read the rest of this entry →

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