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First picture of Red Dwarf XI released!!

Published 2016/07/21 by Dr. Dannii Cohen


Red Dwarf XI storyboard revealed

Published 2016/07/15 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

Another snippet of Red Dwarf XI information was released today by Red Dwarf HQ in the form of a storyboard.
An asteroid storm and Rimmer being very … Rimmer? We can’t wait!!

Title of first new Red Dwarf Episode revealed!!

Published 2016/07/08 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

This afternoon Dave announced the first episode title of the new series of Red Dwarf!!

Called Twentica speculation is high with those that went to the series recordings late last and early this year about which episode it could be.

Earlier this week Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn joined Doug and Richard Naylor for a preview screening of the new episodes.

Red Dwarf launch date and episode synopsises revealed!

Published 2016/06/24 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

TV Red Dwarf 8On a day full of big news the Red Dwarf team decided to release something that will warm the hearts of fans around the world: the release month of the first of two new series AND the synopsis to a few of the upcoming episodes.
Read it all here

Chris Barrie records Gordon Brittas clip to help fan Shaun Shears

Published 2015/07/12 by Dr. Dannii Cohen

gordy2Earlier this week it was confirmed that a new series of Brittas Empire will be made somewhere in the future.

Last week at Nerdageddon Comic Con Chris Barrie showed Read the rest of this entry →

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