Rik Mayall’s first interview

largeIt’s two years since we lost one of comedy’s brightest stars. In honour of Rik Mayall’s death day, here is his first ever interview from 1981. Read the rest of this entry »

INTERVIEW: The gay director who was last artist to work with David Bowie

lazarus_nytw_v2_1000sqMulti award winning Broadway and West End director Ivo van Hove was the last artist to work with David Bowie before the beloved star died of cancer on Monday January the 11th. He became Bowie’s closest confidant when the two worked on the musical play Lazarus. (Read)

Rik Mayall his last interview “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!!”

escapeToday marks the one year anniversary of the death of Rik Mayall.
A day before he died Rik was in Portugal, recording scenes for a Dutch Movie called “The Escape”.
On the set he gave an interview to the Dutch media. He talked about the movie, his love of acting and his plans.
Funny and endearing as always he spend most of the interview joking about his old comedy partner Adrian Edmondson.
An extract here: Read the rest of this entry »

Bruce Jenner And What It Truly Means To Be Transgender

CDenpP_VEAAurWwFor: The Gay UK
Over the past few months we have read and heard a lot of opinions on Bruce Jenner former sports hero and field athlete and currently world famous for his part in Keeping up with the Kardashians, starring his famous (step) children.
Once the world realised that his appearance was gradually changing: more feminine features, nail polish, longer hair the rumour mill started, the jokes started and in the end it was decided that Bruce Jenner could be just another figure for ridicule. It is media, and often human, nature to poke fun at those that are different. It is a defence mechanism we use to make sense of our world, but over the last twenty years the tabloid papers, aided by late night show comedians, have turned it into an acceptable way of dehumanising people they do not care for. The general public usually accepted these views and took them on board, until (MORE)

David Bowie to co-write Man Who Fell to Earth musical admits in NEW interview he finds it “easier” to write for others

David Bowie has certainly stepped out of the shadows after his triumphant 2013 return. After an album, videos and a greatest hits CD (featuring two new tracks!!) the artist is now releasing a musical-play based on his 1976 movie “The Man Who Fell To Earth” called “Lazarus”. The press release for the show says:

New York Theatre Workshop is proud to announce that the 2015/16 season will include the world premiere of (More)

Chris Barrie talks Red Dwarf series series 11 rumours and his views on series 10 in new video interview

Listen: Bath City Sound interview with Rik Mayall

Video: Red Dwarf stars Danny John-Jules and Craig Charles talk about life, smeg and Australia

Rik Mayall is The Last Hurrah in new show – listen to interview here

Rik Mayall has begun a new and very special (rude) audio series called The Last Hurrah. Listen to his interview here:

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