The Battle For Brittas Empire – Will it come back?


brittastrial-openingMany people have been asking me if I know what’s going on with the Brittas Empire reboot and if it is still happening.
The short answer is: We hope so.

For the long answer and to explain what’s been happening so far and how I got involved, I’m taking you on a journey back to the 1990’s. Continue reading


Red Dwarf XI ‘officially’ in development


Dwarf (3)Last week Danny John Jules excitedly that he was getting ready for Red Dwarf series XI, but had to quickly state he didn’t know the how’s and when’s: “Hoooooolllllddddddd oooooooonnnnnnn. I said I was preparing for RD. I am not the person to officially ‘Green Light’ it. One has to be ready!”

Apparently “Kryten” is authorized: Continue reading