Rik Mayall – Second trailer of One By One released!!

Five (and a half) comedians influenced by ABBA

abbaWith Eurovision rapidly approaching most of us are recalling the dazzling days of yore where the contest could create lasting stars and songs the whole world remembered.
No act, though, could ever match the massive legend that would become ABBA the fabulous foursome left a legacy that continues to influence new generations.
The most interesting thing is that ABBA did not just touch the gay scene and the music scene, but the comedy scene as well.
Let’s take a look at some British comedians whose acts were touched by Swedish genius. Read the rest of this entry »

On Rik Mayall’s Birthday: Why Comic Relief should pay tribute to the rebel that put them on the map!

imagesIHL963Z1Today marks what would be Rik Mayall’s 57th birthday. It’s the first milestone since his tragic early death last year.

Rik was one of my first comic loves. He “raised” me, in a way, and yes I might be more prone to thinking in double entendres as a consequence, but it left me an open minded free spirited person too. His work made a difference for me and many of my generation and for many “young ones” as well. He kicked against those in power and said that you should be who you want to be.
His character in Bottom Richard Richard was a pan-sexual gender queer and no-one was bothered by it. Least of all Rik: he loved to toy with peoples minds and expectations, most of his characters were bi in some shape or rebels.

Rik always wanted to be (More)

Exclusive video: Rik Mayall recording his last role, days before he died

IMG-20140607-WA0010And all the grown-ups will say, “But why are the kids crying?” And the kids will say, “Haven’t you heard? Rik is dead”
Today comedy legend Rik Mayall sadly died, aged 56. Read the rest of this entry »

Ade Edmondson is fed up with comedy

BottomEarlier this year Rik Mayall told Daily Express’ Day & Night that comedy partner Ade Edmondson had pulled out of a new series of their hit show Bottom because he thought it “wasn’t working”. Read the rest of this entry »

Rik Mayall in the Lenny Henry show 1980’s

Rik Mayall sketch: The Funniest Man in the World (feat Red Dwarf’s Norman Lovett )

Watch: Rik Mayall Presents Dancing Queen (with Helena Bonham Carter )

Brilliant!! Rik Mayall gets caught with sexy girls in the new Damo & Ivor show!! -pictures!!

Rik Mayall gets caught in a few compromising positions in the Damo & Ivor show, with director/actress Jules Carbonara, Norma Sheahan and actor Andrew ‘Andy’ Quirke himself.

Rik Mayall filming TV show with Damo & Ivor?

rikmayallRumours have reached us that THE Rik Mayall may be starring in an episode of the new Damo & Ivor TV show. Read the rest of this entry »

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