Julian Clary is trying to forget Celebrity Big Brother and is looking forward to being a judge on Your Face Sounds Familiar!

julian-clary-460x306New article for Unreality TV
After a very successful theatre tour (and a holiday with Joan Collins!!) Julian Clary has returned to the world of TV, almost a year after his stint on Celebrity Big Brother. Something he, despite winning it, would rather forget. Read the rest of this entry »


Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian Clary admits that he hid panic attacks in the house – stands up for The Situation & Prince Lorenzo

New article for Unreality TV

In a long interview in the Daily Express about his time in Celebrity Big Brother, Julian Clary has revealed how claustrophobia had almost made him leave the house. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Is Julian Clary cracking up? Boy George tells him to ‘stop the nice act’ and we think he might fancy The Situation!

New article for Unreality TV

Most of Julian Clary’s friends are complaining that he doesn’t seem like himself on Celebrity Big Brother. Read the rest of this entry »

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