14344179_10210382044818243_3981256206078522756_nMy name is Dannii Cohen, an author, comedian and psychologist. I am a writer for Life Hack, The Feminine Collective and The Gay UK.

I don’t think many people can say that they started their career because of a comedy show, but I can. It was being a fan of the shows Red Dwarf and Brittas Empire that sparked my interest in psychology: understanding someone’s mind and psyche. The usage of actual psychological research is very cleverly weaved into the storylines of both shows to explain the characters and their behaviour. TV shows so very well researched, written and performed are hard to come by these days.

The other reason for my interest in psychology is simple: I have a desire for helping, giving advise and sensing what someone needs I also love finding solutions for peoples problems. My love for helping others stems from going through many a horror in my own life over the years. These experiences help me to sense other peoples pain.

With Paul Jackson

With Paul Jackson

I have been a comedy writer for most of my life. I started in the late ’90’s, also working as a stand-up and was in touch with Paul Jackson back then about a comedy series I’d written set in a drag club which would star Rik Mayall. Due to some bad things happening: Rik’s horrible accident followed by setbacks in my own life it sadly went no-where.

After that I created various stand-up comedy shows that revolved around asexuality and making people aware of what it is in a funny way. I also begun work as a psychologist and counselling columnist.

I am now in the middle of various projects, including Dannii’s Be Yourself Club: an online psychology based show that mixes comedy with a serious message. A fun way of advising young girls and young members of the LGBT community about, why being yourself is good, self-esteem, bullying, empowerment, mental health issues, identity struggles and more.

I am also returning to a book I had written in the early ’00’s about about asexuality (what it is) and being asexual. It will be called “Being Ace”.

I also hope to find enough information to write a book chronicling the life and career of Rik Mayall.

Recently I also created a website and Twitter page to celebrate the actor and Comedian Chris Barrie.

If you reach out to people through the written word, I might just reach a certain person that needs to hear the words I have written. If I can give hope to someone, then that is all that matters.

Dannii Cohen