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Dannii Cohen

Author, Producer and Radio Host


My name is Dannii Cohen, I am a former performer and psychologist turned author, producer and radio host.

I have had a succession of professions: Growing up I trained to be an actress, comedian and singer with the dream of making it in Musical Theatre. I got rather far, unfortunately, due to mental health issues and trauma I had to give this up.

I then trained to be a psychologist, but as I identified with my clients too much, this didn’t really work out. Though I still love to support and help when I can. In-between all of that I dabbled in modelling, was a Drag Bio Queen and make up artist and lots more.

Right now I am an author and also a freelance writer for magazines, I sometimes work as a social media manager/online producer.

Since very recently I have become a presenter as well:
I am the host of the twice monthly radio podcast Behind the Mirror of Music where I  am joined by the biggest names in musical theatre history for a journey through the rich archive of the musicals and the stories behind the shows.

As a person living with autistic borderline and PTSD it can be hard to focus on who you are and what you are doing. This is why it has taken me a long time to make sense of myself and my life, especially as most of my days are filled with self doubt. Despite this I want to be part of this world and reach out to everyone through art, music, laughter and simply by helping out where I can.

This is why I created Divine Varod Productions. It is my world in a sense; the place where I collect my thoughts. The home to share with the world what I am doing at this very moment.

Upcoming Event:

Phantom of the Opera
35th Anniversary Special!!

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